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DMT is an audio-visual game experience - Produced by Arkangel Audio

The team behind DMT supports the fight of the Black Lives Matter movement.

We're proud to have participated in the itch.io Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality.  Once you're done here, go here to find other ways you can show your support for the movement.


TAKE A TRIP! Find your way through six surreal and ever-changing environments with epic undulating geometry.

BUILD YOUR JAM! Create your own soundtrack with power-ups sprinkled across your path.

GET HIGH! Ramp your way off of the environment and feel weightless as you soar through the air.


  •  6 wildly distinct biomes to explore
  • Millions of musical combinations

_ _ _

Created by Quinn Kallisti

Developed by Quinn Kallisti, Koby Wise and Cypress Reeves

Music by Quinn Kallisti

Visual and Level Design by Koby Wise

Systems Programming by Koby Wise and Cypress Reeves

Made with Unity

Made using FMOD

Other thanks: Jorge Aliaga, Poly by Google.

Please note that this game is incompatible with Mac OSX Catalina


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_DMT - 24-04-2020 3 WIN.zip 358 MB
_DMT - 24-04-2020 3 OSX.zip 357 MB


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is there a way to download this without showing support for racial equality?

Trying to run the game (Windows), I get the message "Failed to load mono"

(1 edit) (+2)

i started the game up, but for some reason i only heard sound effects and not music; at what time does the music start to play?

EDIT: the music started playing the second time i booted it up, so i assume it was a bug

Took me about half a dozen tries, but it does seem to eventually figure out how to play the music! Now if only I could consistently get the "Use WASD" option to work...